Welcome to DMPRoadmap.

The purpose of DMPRoadmap at Lund University is to help you write data management plans for your research projects. It is only intended for researchers affiliated with Lund University. Collaboration with external partners must be done outside the system, but collaborating within the university is indeed possible. The recommendation is to NOT make the plan publicly available through the system, but keep in mind that the information you enter still constitutes a public document.

Read more about the system on LU Staff Pages.

Getting started:

  • Log in with your LUCAT-id and password
  • Choose Create plans
  • As primary funding organisation, choose either Vetenskapsr├ądet (Swedish Research Council) or No funder/My funder is not listed (LU)

You can update your plan as your research project evolves and download it to different formats. If revising, it is advised to download and keep each version.

If you need help, please contact Servicedesk or request feedback on your plan within the system. You may also invite support staff at your library as a collaborator.